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10 Pigeon Auction JAN POLDER

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    From November 22nd, for the first time in Romania there will be an auction organised by Jan Polder, the famous Dutchman pigeon breeder. He is very passionate about fond-marathon competitions and probably the only breeder with a loft based 100% on JAN AARDEN pigeon line.

    Jan Polder was “infected” with this virus since childhood. He grows up since 10 years old among pigeons and participated together with his father, Cor Polder, to all competitions, up to the year 1982. After he got married he decided to start his own loft. Growing up he was impressed by the competition in St. Vicent, the most important event in Netherlands.
    After Anton Rijswijk victory in 1975 and Mr. VE Otto in 1981, both winning with pigeons from JAN AARDEN pigeon line, Polder decided to buy the best pigeons available in Aarden’s line at that moment; pigeons that will ensure him with best results in national and international flights. This was Polder’s dream that can through in 2005, when Victoria won the in St. Vicent competition against 32240 pigeons. Just two of the pigeons exceeded 900 m/min speed, but Victoria reached the finish line with one hour before the second pigeon. She was already noticed one year earlier by winning 7th St-Vicent national place.
    Later on, when the family budged allowed him to make more investments; he bought pigeons deriving from Jan Aarden’s line from Jac Steketee. The squabs bought are from famous “Marseille” and “Perpignan”, both of them sons of the original pigeon in the loft: ,“The 788”. In the same time he also bought Jan Aardens pigeons from Ko van Dommelen. The squabs purchased derived from “Pau” female, a sister of “Pau” female, “Alicante” and nephews of “Oud Brommertje”. All these pigeons are reproduced by Ko van Dommelen from pigeons belonging to Jan Aarden and Jan Cools, a baker from Nieuw Vossemeer, which also had a loft full of pigeons from Aarden.
    After a while he took some Jan Aarden pigeons from Batenburg loft; they were close relatives of best reproducer “De Witbuik”. Together with Bruggeman brothers he made a famous pair from “Witstaart” female and a son reproduced from “Orhan” and “Myra” top pair. All these pigeons were blood related with Jan Aarden pigeons from Steenbergen.
    The first memorable flight was in Perpignan with 3.162 pigeons. Jan competed with 7 pigeons winning national places: 8, 44, 66, 75, etc. Up to 1991 he also won: 3rd national Barcelona, 5th International, 5th and 9th national Marseille, 8th national Perpignan, 9th, 11th national San Sebastian. In 1991 he won 1st place for Netherlands marathon breeders competing with just 24 mature pigeons in the flying lot. In the same year the Polder family moved to a different location and all flying pigeons were sold.
    At the new location he started with squabs again and in 2 years time the first results appeared. He was placed in best breeders top for fond and marathon competitions and this achievement is still valid today.

“Even the best pigeons can reproduce pigeons of no quality!!”
    In Europe there are a lot of lofts claiming to offer Jan Aarden Native pigeons, which are indeed very nice looking. The only problem is that these pigeons were never selected by performance criteria.
Some of the best results obtained by Jan Polder:
•    1st nationl As-pigeon (inter pares) 3 years Barcelona: 1995, 1996, 1997, and winner of Golden Barcelona Pigeon with “De Witstaart”;
•    1st international As- pigeon (inter pares) 5 years Pau 1998 – 2002 with “Husky”;
•    1st international As- pigeon (inter pares) 5 years Pau 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 with "Black Magic Woman";
•    1st national marathon from the first 10 nominalizations;
•    2nd national total marathon;
•    3rd national West European Super-marathon – international competitions;
•    9th national Marathon;
•    1st national St. Vincent with Victoria;
•    3rd national Barcelona with Sjoukje;
•    3rd national St. Vincent with Rainbow Warrior;
•    5th national Marseille with Perpignan;
•    5th national St. Vincent with Whispering Wing;
•    7th national St. Vincent with Victoria;
•    7th national St. Vincent with Rainbow Warrior;
•    8th national Mont de Marsan with Rainbow Warrior;
•    8th national Perpignan with De Perpignan;
•    8th national Bergerac with Butterfly;
•    9th national Cahors with Joep;
•    9th national Marseille with De Marseille;
•    9th national San Sebastian with Beauty 73


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