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Racing Pigeons - Old Birds, Canker and Respiratory Diseases

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During this time of year in the pigeon racing sport, my focus turns to old birds, especially to their healthcare and to their motivation for racing.

Canker germs are big, significant health threats that our racing pigeons are most likely to pick up from shipping crates or from drinking tainted water out on the race course. Thoughtful flyers take care of this exposure to disease before it can turn into a problem. It's a great idea to give each bird a canker treatment approximately 3 to four hours after returning from the race, and then check again the next day.

Racing pigeons require a time released dose of vitamin B, amino acids and carnitine into their systems so that these supplements are ready in the muscles during the race. This is one of the best ways to limit stress in race pigeons. My best suggestion is to give them Carmine liquid (Versele-Laga) (carnitine) for a minimum of 5 to 7 days before shipping them to a long race. On the night you crate your pigeons, give one Carni-Tab tablet (Colombine) and a Supra Pill (Colombine) to every pigeon.

I recommend using TricoPlus to control canker in your loft and advise you not to overlook your old pigeon race team regarding the threat of canker. This is extremely important step for serious fanciers to take. TricoPlus is a phonominal product, and I consider it the best choice for canker in pigeons. I am certain that it can be safely used during racing, breeding, or moulting.

I use an eye loupe to check for minor respiratory infections. How do I do this? I check the rim of the eye and look for air bubbles in an overly moist eye. If the eye appears to be watery and has numerous air bubbles in the liquid around the rim of the eye, then that bird most likely needs to be medicated with a good respiratory treatment for at the very least a minimum of seven days. Amoxicur/Theraprim/Ornicure, are extremely effective treatments. Always remember to take out the grit and mineral supplements from the loft whenever you are treating the racing pigeons with respiratory antibiotics.

I would like to share with you a product that I get great results from for my breeding pairs and squeakers: Chromix, de la Beyers. It works particularly well when administered along with Gluco Sport. it helps with the overall strength of both the parents and the young. I mix this calcium supplement and Gluco Sport si Chromix  into water at the same time according to directions and give it to my breeders and to the babies they are raising. This is a great thing to do for your racing pigeons.

Article Source: Derrick Goodman

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