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Settling Your Youngsters, Training Your Birds & Culling the weak

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Settling Your Youngsters
Many fanciers take their squeakers outside the loft when they re 4 weeks old. They are too young to fly and cannot fly away. The youngsters will sit on the landing board and become familiar with their neighborhood. They also learn how to enter and exit the loft. Both of these are very important. If youngsters are frightened off the landing board before they know their surroundings and entry into the loft, they will probably become lost forever.


When the youngsters are first taken outside, they will spend a lot of time just sitting on the landing board and loft. They are becoming familiar with their surroundings and gathering information for their instincts which will allow them to find their way home.This is a time when they need to be out for longer periods of time. When they are flying around the loft and are familiar with their surroundings, it is time to shorten their time outside.

Training Your Birds

After the birds have been outside for a proper amount of time, they should be called into the loft. This is done by whistling and shaking the feed can. Just as a lion tamer uses a whip to train his lions, so you must use your feed to train your pigeons. When your pigeons are hungry, they quickly enter the loft. The ones that are late should not be given any food. This sounds cruel, but you can bet your last dollar they will be first tomorrow. If you plan to let your birds out twice a day, give them 1/3 of their ration in the morning.

They will still be hungry enough to come into the loft when you exercise them again in the late afternoon. When you call them into the loft after the afternoon exercise, give them the other 2/3 of their daily ration. When the first few birds go to drink, you never allow any food to remain out.

They must clean it all up. If they don not, take the remaining food and save it for tomorrow. Then, make sure that you cut back tomorrow’s ration a little bit. Remember, you want them hungry. You certainly do not want to starve them, but giving them all the food they want is just as bad. When you feed too much, you lose your whip. When you lose your whip, you lose control of your birds.Be as consistent as you can. Always try to feed them and exercise them at the same time of day. Have a good routine, and follow it every day.

Neighborhood Manners
After several weeks, your birds will be flying for minutes at a time. Once they know where home is and how to enter the loft, you must teach them the other ground rules. They should only sit on your property. It is best if they only sit on your loft. If they sit on your neighbors house or telephone wires, get them off of them. Throw a tennis ball or anything else suitable. They will soon catch on to the idea that someone else’s property is off limits.

Culling the weak
If you don not race your pigeons with a club, it is still very important that your train out your youngsters. You must weed out the “duds” or else you soon will have pigeons overflowing out of your loft. Too many pigeons in the loft costs extra money for feed, extra work and raises the chances of having diseases spread through your loft. Is it worth keeping to many? The answer is no !
By training your birds down the road, you will lose those that are not smart enough to find their way home. You will also lose the ones that are not strong enough or do not have the courage or will to come home. These are the pigeons that you do not want or need. If you do not train out your birds, you will have no way of knowing the good ones from the bad ones.
You may not always agree with the way the basket weeds out the duds, because it is easy to get attached to favorite colors or looks. We feel sad when our favorite fails to come home. This is a natural part of life. The weak pigeons have got to go, otherwise they will breed more weak pigeons. Then, you will have a loft filled with duds. Saver your good pigeons and raise some more good ones next year. Get rid of the duds, and you will be much happier. You will save more money and work too.

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