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The Virtual Tour - A new concept for presenting your loft

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Following the direction of the development through the latest technology, the pigeon racing club GyoSport brings for the first time in the romanian pigeon racing world the concept of presenting the lofts of its members using a Virtual Tour.

What is a virtual panorama?
A panorama is an image obtained out of many photos stitched together. This image offers the posibility to see the environment at a 360 degrees perspective horizontally and 180 degrees vertically. The visitor can explore the environment in an immersive way, as if he is present at the location.

What is a 360 virtual tour?
The 360 virtual tour is obtained by linking the virtual panoramas in an interactive way, offering also info related to the environment, info like a map for orientation, navigation instructions and others.

It is a very interesting presentation method, with a high degree of interactivity which provides a more realistic view even compared to a video presentation of a location.

Your can experiment the sensation offered by a 360 degrees virtual tour if you access Mr. Antonescu's fancier page and click on the Virtual Tour icon.

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