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The National Pigeon Racing Exhibition

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Exhibition Program4th – 5th of December 2010 - BUCHARESTIt is a great pleasure to invite you to the largest pigeon racing ehibition on the 4th – 5th of December 2010, in Bucharest, at the sports hall within the Agronomy Institute Bucharest, Marasti Blvd  nr. 59, sector 1.Please find below details related to the event:- The price for presenting a pigeon...

F.R.S.C. National Exhibition

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The FRSC national exhibition - 4th- 5th of December 2010 - Sports Hall - Agronomy Institute of Bucharest During the 4th-5th of December 2010 weekend, within the beautiful sports hall of the Agronomy Institute of Bucharest, the 2010 edition of the FRSC National Exhibition will take place. Among the participants you will find people of the sports world, pigeon enthusiasts, the most...